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The AppsUp platform is suitable for 75% of all companies and organizations. The platform are well-tested, continuously updated and with a 24/7 support service agreement in the European time-zone. The development of the platforms comply with all the best standards within hybrid app development. The stability and security of the app is performed together with our host partner DigitalOcean which also is partner of Ericsson, HP, Redhat, Flipkart, Zendesk and many more.

Many different enteprises and organisations are today using the AppsUp platform to their app projects and within many different industries. We welcome you to reach out to us to get in touch with relevant references for your own project. We deliver the AppsUp platform with our user-friendly CMS system so you easily can monitor your audience, edit pages, agendas, prices and much more.

All AppsUp solutions is delivered with a professional graphic design.

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This platform includes all the core functionalities and features which your mobile will allows you, hereunder; accelerator, geo-location and much more. The platform is also the fundamentals of all other AppsUp solutions. There is used more than 10.000 hours just to make the base structure of this platform and the list with features and plugins is long.

The app comes with a user-friendly CMS system which make it possible for you as user to easily to adjust prices, content, pictures, make news, blogging or sent out messages by your app directly to your clients and audience.


Are you looking for an app for online booking, table reservation, payment gateway or swipe to approve functionality, then this will be the right solution for your enterprise or organization!

AppsUp Commerce comes with all the same functionalities as the AppsUp Basic solution. However, we have included a swipe to pay module which can be used to many different purposes such as, restaurants, shops/products, cinemas, local events and much more. With this app solution your customers and your company will get the possibility to enhance your payments – Just with a swipe!


With Conventi you are guaranteed the ultimate platform to your next event, conference, trade show, exhibition or festival. This will definitely give your participants an extraordinary experience!

Conventi allows you to easily communicate with all your participants, exhibitors and speakers before, during and after the event. Some of the biggest enterprises in the world is already using Conventi for their internal and external events. Contact us today and ask for some references.

Conventi offer you the following:

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