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Why should we choose AppsUp?

We have used more than 10.000 hours just to create the fundament of a strong app platform including a user-friendly CMS system. With AppsUp you will get a well-tested app which already is used by some of the biggest enteprises in Europe.
We guarantee support, full hosting and updates for your app when it’s delivered.

AppsUp is constantly developing new features and plugins to the advantage for all enterprises and organisations using the app platform. Our set up provides free 24/7 support service to all clients of AppsUp in the European time-zone.

Is it possible to integrate AppsUp with our own CRM system or database?

Yes, definitely. The AppsUp platform is ready to be integrated to several different CRM systems and databases using different API’s. Ask about more information about this possibility at

How can we convert our Facebook followers to AppsUp?

We have big success converting audiences from Facebook, Linkedin or other Social media’s to AppsUp using different kinds of incentives. With AppsUp you will finally be able to categorize all your followers into groups of their own choice and you can make targeted marketing to each group with a tailored message.

How long time does it take to make an app on the AppsUp platform?

As guidance, approx. 10 working days. The AppsUp platform is already adaptable to most of all designs and functionalities making the integration very smooth and easy to integrate for our team.

Can we get our own design?

Yes. AppsUp gives you the possibility to make a professional design. All designs has to be created from our PSD guidelines which we will forward to you beforehand when you have purchased the access to the AppsUp platform.

Is it possible to upload documents to AppsUp?

Yes, videos, pictures, content etc. can easily be uploaded into AppsUp from the backend which you will have access to.

Is it possible to create new pages?

Yes. With the AppsUp platform you can make unlimited number of pages from the Admin panel (CMS system).

What will happen when AppsUp upgrades?

Our team is constantly developing new plugins and features to the benefit of our clients. On regular basis we will upgrade your app to the latest version of AppsUp, this is both in regards to security reasons but also in regards to new technology changes and updates. Upgrades is free of charge and will happen with your consent. Your Account Manager will reach out to you when it’s time for an upgrade.

How can I send messages to my followers/members?

We have integrated both SMS, e-mail and regular push messages through the app which you can use to communicate with your audiences. You will get access to a user-friendly Admin panel where you easily can send the messages to everybody or just a specific group/person.

Do you provide training, how to use the app and monitor audiences?

Yes. When you receive your AppsUp we will invite you to a webinar. On the webinar we will step by step go through your app and show you how to monitor your audiences, send messages and answer any other questions you might have.

Will you help me if I have technical problems?

Definitely. All issues coming out of our AppsUp platform is taken extremely seriously and we will assist you immediately to get any issues solved. In case that the problem is not related to the AppsUp platform we will give you an advice how to get it solved from your own end.

Who uses AppsUp?

We have all kind of enterprises and organisations using AppsUp today. AppsUp is a very powerful app which easily can be tailored to most of the needs from organizations and enterprises.

About us

We have made over 300 projects and have big experience working for both small and big companies.